Aircraft Risk Company (Pty) Ltd commonly referred to as ARC in the aviation insurance industry is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP:21773) which specialises in aviation insurance and related risks.

ARC was founded by Darren Gallias in 2005. With a strong focus on client service which was built up in the life and investment broking environment, Darren made the decision to branch out into the aviation insurance industry. Darren believed that by offering future clients of ARC the same level of service which he offered to his clients in the life industry that he would be able to grow a successful insurance brokerage. This client centric focus proved to be a successful strategy and ARC was able to build a strong client base initially consisting of airline accounts and operators of large fleets of aircraft.

The focus on relationships was not limited to clients only, but rather it was extended to include developing strong relationships with insurers both locally and internationally. The focus on these underwriter relationships has allowed ARC to build successful insurance programs for owners of turbine and jet engine fixed wing aircraft as well as turbine engine rotor-wing aircraft.

The client base of ARC expanded further when Stuart Farquhar joined ARC in 2011 as their New Business Manager. At that time the focus shifted from only providing insurance solutions to airline and fleet operators to a broader focus which included the general aviation class of aircraft. This shift in strategy allowed ARC to build a larger client base which consisted of some of the most prestigious accounts in the aviation industry in South Africa.

From ARC’s humble beginnings based out of the home of Darren the company has grown into a prominent aviation insurance brokerage which services the needs of numerous clients across the African Continent. ARC employs some of the most respected aviation insurance brokers in the industry who each have experience providing solutions to clients in both soft and hard market conditions. Each of the employees of ARC realises that as a service based business the key strength of ARC is the ability to assist clients with their requests as soon as possible and to deliver the best service whether from a broking or claims assistance perspective.



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